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Zakat Calculator

NuDay is your place for Islamic giving.
To make it easier to calculate your zakat dues, NuDay has created a zakat calculator. 

Zakat Information
  • To be liable for zakat, one must meet the nisab threshold in assets over liabilities.

  • The current rate of nisab is $277 for silver and $4,478 for gold. The standard nisab threshold is determined via the price of silver.

  • NuDay is zakat-eligible.

Ready to give your zakat? Donate today!

Giving Information

NuDay is your place for Islamic giving. Your donation goes towards empowering women and children affected by humanitarian crises.

NuDay has been recognized by Zakatify, and has earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency (Guide Star) and Top Organization (Global Giving).

Zakat is tax deductible.
NuDay is a 501(c)3 eligible nonprofit, EIN: 46-2041995.

You might be able to double your donation through employer gift-matching (details will be sent to you in your donation receipt).

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Time for Eid?
Give Zakat ul Fitr through Nuday!

Zakat ul fitr shares the Eid joy by providing meals to families served by NuDay. Zakat ul fitr is set at $10 per person. 

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