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Release the power of your Zakat. Your Zakat goes to empowering vulnerable women and children through dignified aid.

Zakat, or zakat al-mal, means “obligatory alms.” It is the third pillar of Islam, following prayer, signaling its significance for Muslims. Every observer possessing the designated minimal amount of wealth (known as "nisab") is required to pay zakat. According to scholars, Zakat is set at 2.5% of yearly individual wealth. If this is less than the set nisab, no zakat is due. The current rate of nisab is $277.

Zakat is dedicated to social justice and serves people in less fortunate situations. When you give your zakat through NuDay, your zakat goes towards empowering Syrians who are vulnerable. 

100% of zakat goes to support women and children.

To make calculating your Zakat dues easier, NuDay has created its own zakat calculator for your use. 

Ready to give your zakat? Donate today.

Time for Eid?
Give Zakat ul Fitr through Nuday!

Zakat ul fitr shares the Eid joy by providing meals to families served by NuDay. Zakat ul fitr is set at $10 per person. 

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