Fighting Famine in Yemen

We are proud to expand our impact.

Join us in our fight against famine.

Almost a decade ago, NuDay was founded out of a need to do actively empower women and children suffering inside Syria by working alongside local Syrians. Overnight, the lives of women and children turned upside down and access to basic rights was denied. We've worked diligently for years to transform the situation into a hopeful one - and we are proud to be doing so with your support.

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This past year, the feeling of unrest prevailed. South from Syria, Yemen is witnessing a civil war while everyday citizens suffer. 

We could not sit back and watch Yemen's women and children have their dignity stripped. Instead, NuDay began to engage with local Yemeni activists to understand local needs best.


After many in-depth conversations, NuDay is proud to announce that we will begin to expand our programming to include Yemen.

We're starting simple: with food. Your support goes towards securing meals to vulnerable families - especially those headed by women. As with any project, NuDay will work with trusted local people inside each country to make sure that each life-changing meal goes where it is most needed.

With your support, we're expanding our impact.

Together, for women and children - worldwide.


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