Have you ever considered the power of a lovey? A stuffed animal that comforts you and stays with you day and night, if you need it to. 

  Now imagine knowing that the lovey was gifted to you by a fellow child across the ocean. Because someone cares, and you are special. That’s the #PowerOfALovey

In 2012, Nadia Alawa organized her first humanitarian aid container, she brought together several hundred volunteers: Americans like herself who wanted to do something about the situation in Syria. It was from this point that she realized she could harness the energy of the diverse, local community, suffering alongside the Syrian people, and as such she founded NuDay Syria.


Almost five years later, containers continue to remain one of NuDay Syria’s keystone projects.

Each month, volunteers collect much needed items such as warm coats, sleeping bags, soccer balls, and non-perishable food items - items that might otherwise clutter landfills, despite being like-new. Container days are organized to sort and pack donations, which are then shipped inside Syria by way of Turkey. 

Items are constantly in need and vary from humanitarian items to medical equipment. NuDay has built partnerships with a wide variety of groups such as distributors, educational institutions, social organizations, or even fire departments. 


Once in Syria, items are organized and distributed by areas identified by on-the-ground staff. Medical equipment and supplies are distributed to NuDay's medical clinics and partner medical facilities, ensuring doctors can continue their life-saving work. Educational items such as pre-filled backpacks go to one of NuDay's Future Generation Schools, securing a student's access to basic stationary and needs. Humanitarian supplies are distributed to identified beneficiaries through a shop-format, meaning that beneficiaries are able to self-select items that fit and that they enjoy.

Containers are really about one thing: people caring for people, regardless of distance. It is perhaps for this reason that NuDay's containers have been nicknamed "Vessels of Love and Hope," transgressing every barrier to remind beneficiaries that they too are important.


average amount of medical supplies per container


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