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Water & Wells

Clean, drinkable water is vital to building any community. Since we first began our work, NuDay has prioritized water access for displaced communities. Learn more about how NuDay brings water to vulnerable communities.

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In 2015, NuDay renovated a water station in northwest Syria. The station provides running tap water to over 40,000 women-led families per month. Watch it in action!

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Water empowers. The formula is simple: by providing water directly to displaced people, NuDay is protecting vulnerable populations and allowing them to focus on their lives.

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable wells - now that's what we call a win. Learn how NuDay is transforming water projects.

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Water Impacts Lives

Access to water means community health by avoiding diseases and empowering women to focus on building their lives rather than worrying about securing water for their families. 


In 2019, NuDay reached over 480,000 displaced people with water access. Women and children were the majority of beneficiaries.

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Water Give
Ways to Give to Water & Wells

Water tanks store water locally, meaning that displaced families don't have to walk as far to provide for their needs. Your gift will purchase a water tank in a camp for displaced families.

Support a solar-powered well to guarantee environmentally-friendly and sustainable water access. Your gift will build a well to provide 10 families with a stable source of water.

Consider building a well in dedication of someone. There's no gift better than the gift of water.

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