Upward and Onwards

Change the trajectory of a student or family for good

NuDay is doing what we can to support and empower female breadwinners as well as budding scientists, scholars, and doctors. Known as the Upwards and Onwards Program, this initiative targets internally displaced as well as refugee individuals and families, securing their access to education and housing needs by matching them up with caring and proactive donors.


NuDay’s Upward and Onwards Program has two main initiatives: Student Sponsorships and Female Breadwinner Sponsorships. In each case, NuDay matches each donor with a family or a student, chosen according to very stringent vetting and ongoing oversight. We ensure that your dollars and your love go directly to people who are ready to move forward with their lives. Once a donor is matched up, funds are disbursed upfront or incrementally, depending on the case at hand. NuDay’s on-the-ground staff conducts monthly visits to beneficiaries, ensuring that students attend school and that female breadwinners are able to improve their family’s lives.





























$15 per day is all it takes.

For the cost of lunch, a Syrian student - either in private school or unviersity - will be secured their education. A female breadwinner and her family will be able to sleep, knowing the roof over her head is there for good. 


More importantly: beneficiaries will be able to pursue their dreams to make an impact and build their futures. 


Believe in their dreams today


Program options include sponsoring a private school or university student in Turkey or supporting a household without a male breadwinner either in Turkey or Syria.

Student Sponsorships cover the cost of all educational expenses, such as tuition, school supplies, uniforms (if required), as well as basic living expenses. Sponsorships for private school students cost $300 per month, while university student sponsorships are $650 per month. All sponsors are matched with students during the months of May to August and November to January. This allows students to attend the upcoming semester. Sponsors are requested to commit to a six-month sponsorship, guaranteeing academic attendance and alleviating the financial stress from students. Semester-end reports will be sent to sponsors, meaning that you will be able to celebrate your student’s achievements alongside them.

The Female Breadwinner Sponsorship covers the rent and living expenses for households without male breadwinners, allowing mothers to begin searching for work options without the everyday worry of affording a roof over their family 's heads. Monthly sponsorships range from $450 per month for a family inside Syria, to $750 per month for a family in Turkey. There is an expected commitment of six months to secure each family’s housing for the period. Sponsors receive yearly updates containing success stories about sponsored families.


The Upward and Onwards program has a 5% formal administrative overhead that is included in the monthly amount. NuDay takes the responsibility of ensuring funds go to beneficiaries who will fully dedicate themselves to their futures.

Sponsorships make a lifetime of a difference - for sponsors and beneficiaries alike.