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Ukraine Emergency Relief

The war in Ukraine has left millions displaced inside Ukraine and has also resulted in millions of more refugees. From the very start, NuDay stepped in to support through much-needed humanitarian and medical aid.

Your gift will go towards continuing NuDay's work and supporting vulnerable and displaced individuals. NuDay's efforts here include the shipment of immediate medical support to ensure the health of vulnerable civilians and the distribution of humanitarian aid to women and children in Ukraine.

Your gift will ensure that vulnerable and displaced Ukrainians have access to dignified aid and that they can focus on rebuilding their lives once again.

Monthly giving: the easy way to make biggest impact for the long term. Make your gift recurring!

Multiple your gift by making this a monthly gift during checkout! Monthly giving is the most effective way to help vulnerable women and children. By giving monthly, you ensure that more of your money goes to empowering futures. quickly and effectively. 

Sending this as a gift? Send your loved one an acknowledgment when donating! Provide your gift recipient's email and we'll let them know that you've given in honor of them!

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Our Commitment to You

Your gift is our priority. We promise to use your donation in the most effective way to transform futures for the immediacy and the long term. The gift options shown reflect NuDay's projects based on periodic surveys of the countries we support. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears, and donations will be used to provide assistance in the category where it is most needed. Because we know that what's most important to you is ensuring that aid is relevant, timely, and impactful.

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