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Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child from Syria, you are empowering that child - and their entire community - to build their future. You're showing that you care for them and are rooting for their success every step of the way. Start your sponsorship for $50 today and let's make a difference for one kid at a time. 

Age: 5
Hobbies: Playing with her Tete (grandmother)!
Biggest dream: To go to school!

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Arwa Zahra.jpeg
Salaam, I'm

Sponsors get an annual video update showing the happiness they're bringing their sponsored child!

Joy, in Real Time!
Age: 9
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, & playing!
Biggest dream: To become an artist!

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Salaam, I'm
Lana Kharouf.jpeg
I lost one or both parents in the earthquakes. NuDay is working rapidly to match me with a sponsor. Will that be you?

Sponsor a child orphaned by the earthquake. Add note "earthquake."
Salaam, I'm...
Age: 6
Hobbies: Making others laugh
Biggest dream: To go to school!

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Salaam, I'm
Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 18.52.48.png

NuDay consistently earns top ratings for finance, accountability, and transparency from Charity Navigator.

5 out of 5 stars 
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How Sponsorship Works

We each have the ability to change someone's life for the better - NuDay's making that as easy as possible. NuDay's Sponsorship empowers children, families, and communities so that they can focus on rebuilding their lives with dignity.

Local Teams Locate Vulnerable Cases

Our local teams find the most vulnerable cases, verifying information and compiling each individual's information into a Profile Sheet.

You Help Change a Life for the Better

Once you start your sponsorship, you'll be introduced to the person whose life you are changing by ensuring dignified access to food, clothing, and school (when available). 

We Celebrate Achievements Together!

You'll get a video update to celebrate your sponsoree! Your love creates empowering & lasting change for your child, their family, and their community.

how orphan sponsorship
Orphans Give
Ways to Sponsor a Child

In Syria, many young children have lost their guardians due to the war. Your gift will ensure that a child has the resources to secure an education and have their basic needs provided - all for less than $1.66 a day. You will receive an introduction to your child and get annual updates!

Consider making your gift monthly to have the greatest impact for Syria's future.

Give the gift of hope this year. Gift sponsorships are dedicated in honor of the people you love and make a lifetime of a difference for a child in Syria. Your honoree will receive information about the sponsored child and yearly updates. 

You can make a gift sponsorship as a yearly or monthly gift.

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