From innovative livelihood projects to collaborations with people like you...

NuDay regularly seeks innovative programs with long-term impacts to improve the situations of people inside Syria. 


Housing initiatives provide shelter to 40 women-headed households, securing the safety of mothers and children from external dangers and the harsh winter weather.

A campaign was also piloted to fund the local production of sleeping bags, revitalizing the Syrian economy by hiring local employees and working to protect those who have no heating alternatives.

Livelihoods have been restored through NuDay's programs. Keeping women in the forefront, NuDay runs social business projects structured by and for women. Social business projects are coupled with psycho-social therapy and  provide women with both an ethical income and a safe space for healing.

Thinking forward, NuDay installed solar panels in many different locations. These panels generate electricity in an environmentally friendly and reliable manner, meaning a sustainable source of energy. 

Food initiatives include crop and livestock distributions to trained farmers, allowing knowledge to be cycled and local food production to skyrocket.

When a besieged area faced high levels of malnourishment and limited access to food, NuDay realized that a solution to counter future issues had to be found. Alongside emergency food distributions, NuDay supported alternative farming initiative hosted by a local research organization.


Local knowledge means a higher success rate, and NuDay knows that the best way to make change is by working alongside those who know their situations best.