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Wells for Syria

Clean water is a life changer.

When families have access to clean water, they have access to healthier and dignified lives. Dirty water can lead to immense health issues, and in a region where medical care is hard to come by, this can result in devastating outcomes. For displaced families, potable water can be far away, requiring much time and energy to transport to their homes.

NuDay has been working to broaden water options in Syria since 2013. This might be the renovation - or the completely new construction - of a local well, outfitted with solar panels. Using solar panels means wells are environmentally friendly, and also guarantees longevity due to minimized fuel costs that otherwise prevent community access to water. NuDay also expands access through the provision of water tanks, which contain water pumped from the wells in a centrally located area, minimizing the distance of families to water.  

NuDay trains local communities in basic well maintenance, empowering them with the tools needed for the long-term success of the project. Our teams also conduct regular health check-ups on each well and water station, meaning that necessary repairs are completed and water can keep flowing. 

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Water Made Simple:
Ali & Tarik's Story
The morning trek to the well

Like most other boys, ten-year-old twins Ali and Tarik spend every waking moment outdoors. While some of this time is spent playing, a large chunk of it is used to complete chores for their mom. You see, though the two boys have been displaced since 2014, they are responsible for helping their mom provide for the family. In the past, this included doing odd jobs to pay for dinner, or finding material to make their tent in northwest Syria more homey. More recently, their mom has made them in charge of getting water from the local well - a two-mile walk each way. The boys do the task warily but enthusiastically. Though they sometimes feel frustrated with the physical labor, they know that their mom is trying her best to keep them healthy and happy. Even so, it's hard to always keep smiling when your legs and arms are exhausted from the work.

A chore to cherish

In spring 2020, NuDay provided water tanks to the camp that Ali and Tarek now call home. Water tanks bring water access closer to camp households, drawing water from the well into the tanks on a regular basis. Each tank provides water to five families, lessening the distance they need to walk while carrying buckets filled with water. For Ali and Tarek, this simple addition has made a lifetime of a difference. No longer do the two brothers have to walk the two miles to the well only to stand in line and wait. Instead, the task that took hours before takes mere minutes. Each morning, the boys wake up and bring back the gallons used by their family each day within half an hour. If more water is needed, the tank is filled on a regular basis, and the family can easily get more. With the time saved, the boys are able to spend their day doing what they do best: playing and being children. 

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Give to Wells

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Ways to Give to Water & Wells

Water tanks store water locally, meaning that displaced families don't have to walk as far to provide for their needs. Your gift will purchase a water tank in a camp for displaced families.

Support a solar-powered well to guarantee environmentally-friendly and sustainable water access. Your gift will build a well to provide 10 families with a stable source of water.

Consider building a well in dedication of someone. There's no gift better than the gift of water.

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