Local Outreach

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Be a part of the future of Syrian newcomers in the United States.

While NuDay's mission is to empower and aid mothers and children inside Syria so that they have actual dignified options to stay, the reality is that many families have had no choice but to leave their homeland. The number of refugees arriving in New England is still very limited, but each person arriving needs help getting acclimated, overcoming different levels of post-stress issues, dealing with the logistics of learning the language, and becoming independent of aid agencies.


In the United States, NuDay's goal is to help empower Syrian newcomers to integrate and become productive citizens as smoothly and quickly as possible. Working with case-to-case situations, NuDay's efforts have concentrated on legal issues as well as connecting refugees with locals.


As a locally registered organization, we share with many local residents our concerns with the legal, medical, and humanitarian needs of refugees here in New England. With your help, there is a lot we can do to make the transition to living here a lot easier for a traumatized refugee family.


NuDay Syria’s most intense local resettlement cases from the past few years include several Syrian families with young children with severe medical issues who needed medical attention and legal help to be able to apply for asylum. With pro bono help from area hospitals, local doctors and dentists, and immigration attorneys, we have kept a success rate for asylum applications at 100%. 


Individual Cases

NuDay brought Ahmad Alkhalaf to the United States upon hearing his need for prosthetic arms. Along with receiving the attention he needed, NuDay worked diligently with our legal team to reunite Ahmad and his family in the United States. 


Beyond individual cases, NuDay's efforts are concentrated on easing the adjustment of newcomers to the United States. This can be done through locating housing, acquiring the necessary furniture, or even through our Buddy Program.


That's where you come in.


NuDay is always looking for donations, be it your still-working car or cash to support a family's rent. 


You can also sign up for NuDay's Buddy Program, where you will get partnered with a newcomer, helping them get adjusted to life in the United States while making a friend in the process.


Sign up to volunteer. Welcome a family today.