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Your Qurbani goes to vulnerable women and children.


During Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world honor tradition by sacrificing and donating an animal to those in greater need. This sacrifice is an ode to the story of Prophet Ibrahim, who was ready to sacrifice his son at God's request. At the last moment, God ordered Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice a goat instead. The sacrifice was a test of faith, and one that Muslims continue to honor through Qurbani (also known as Udhiyyah).


Qurbani through NuDay goes directly to the most vulnerable displaced people.


Many young children and elderly people who have not eaten meat in years will be able to celebrate Eid with your Udhiyyah and feel love through the meal.


All animals selected for qurbani are large in size and have lived a free-grazing, healthy life. NuDay does not slaughter skinny or starved animals for qurbani, and makes sure that animals have lived a humane life. Beneficiaries are gifted meat, while the local economy flourishes from the qurbani. Together, we're ensuring that everyone can celebrate Eid.

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NuDay's Qurbani Promise

NuDay has always been committed to ensuring that your donation has the maximum impact. This is why your qurbani donation goes directly to where it matters: sacrificing a healthy animal for the most vulnerable people. When you give qurbani through NuDay, you are supporting trusted, local farmers inside Syria, building their livelihoods while fulfilling your Islamic duty. The animals selected for qurbani are well-fed and raised ethically, meaning that you are promoting sustainable practices.

We promise not to take qurbani lightly. Because at NuDay, we know intention can reshape outcome.

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