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Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child, you are showing that you care for them and are rooting for their success every step of the way. Start your sponsorship for $50/month today and help empower a child to build their future.

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Salaam, I'm
Biggest Dream:
Singing & Painting

Nourulhuda is seven years old this year. She has no memories of her father, who passed away when she was a toddler. Her mother, Walida, struggles to support her, trying her best to keep Nourulhuda in school so that she can build her future. Nourulhuda loves problem solving, and especially loves spending her time pondering math problems. Despite her trauma, this young girl does everything in her power to make others happy. In her free time, Nourulhuda paints and sings with her best friend, Nour.  Your sponsorship is needed to help keep Nourulhuda in school so that she can build her future and achieve her dream of becoming a teacher.

To become a teacher!

To sponsor for $50/month, click "Sponsor Now" and add the name to "Child Name" field. Each child has one sponsor, unless otherwise noted. NuDay will reach out if the child has already been sponsored to assign you to another equally deserving child.

How Sponsorship Works

We each have the ability to change someone's life for the better - NuDay's making that as easy as possible. NuDay's Sponsorship empowers children, families, and communities so that they can focus on rebuilding their lives with dignity.

Local Teams Locate Vulnerable Cases

Our local teams find the most vulnerable cases, verifying information and compiling each individual's information into a Profile Sheet.

You Help Change a Life for the Better

Once you start your sponsorship, you'll be introduced to the person whose life you are changing by ensuring dignified access to food, clothing, and school (when available). 

We Celebrate Achievements Together!

You'll get a video update to celebrate your sponsoree! Your love creates empowering & lasting change for your child, their family, and their community.

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  • How do I sponsor a child?
    You can start your sponsorship by donating today online at You can also give monthly by check or Electronics Funds Transfer (EFTs). For questions, please contact us at
  • Does sponsorship actually help?
    Yes! NuDay has seen firsthand the effects that sponsorship has on a child. NuDay has found that sponsorships: Help children relax & focus on childhood Bring smiles to the faces of kids and their families Improve education opportunities (when available) Secure basic needs such as food and clothing Long term sponsorships through NuDay have transformed the lives of many children by securing their education and allowing them to pursue their dreams of college to build their futures. Our goal is simple: to let kids be kids. Independent research has also confirmed that individual sponsorship can be transformational by securing education and basic needs for vulnerable children.
  • How much does sponsorship cost?
    NuDay offers a variety of sponsorship options. The most popular options are Orphan Sponsorship and Student Sponsorship. Orphan Sponsorship sponsors a child who has lost one or both parents, and costs $50 per month. Student Sponsorship supports a student in pursuing their advanced studies, and costs $50 per month. NuDay also facilitates Medical Sponsorships, which vary in cost, depending on the case.
  • What is the best organization for sponsorship?
    The best organization to sponsor through depends on your priorities and aims. There are many organizations that offer sponsorship, all of which you can research on Charity Navigator. NuDay's vision is to secure dignified and empowered aid so that vulnerable children, their families, and their communities can focus on building independent futures. We see all individuals as capable of creating their own empowered futures, and are simply helping to encourage through closing the gap and supporting vulnerabilities along the way. This also means that we want sponsors to feel connected to their sponsored children, so we provide detailed information and videos on a regular basis. If this resonates with you, then you're likely to agree that NuDay will be the best organization for you to sponsor through.
  • How long will I be able to sponsor the same child?
    Sponsorship is a long-term commitment; however, the length of each sponsorship depends on the needs of the individual and the circumstances on the ground. NuDay does our best to maintain long sponsorships in order to secure stability for the sponsored individual and for you, as the sponsor! In a few cases, sponsorship may simply be needed for the short term - such as a medical operation that is urgently required. Working in areas undergoing humanitarian conflict also means being flexible in responding to emergencies on the ground. Displacements may occur and contact may be lost; in this case, NuDay's staff attempts to locate the family and will also let you know about the situation. We also ask for your patience during emergencies when you may experience delays in correspondence. If circumstances change and your child no longer needs sponsorship, we’ll notify you and send you a new child to begin sponsoring.
  • Is the child "real"?
    Every individual that is sponsored through NuDay is real, and their vulnerabilities and needs have been validated and confirmed by our local teams. We do our best to facilitate interactions between you and your sponsored individual, and provide video updates to establish a more personal relationship.
  • Is sponsorship through NuDay zakat-certified?
    Yes, sponsorship is accepted as a zakat-certified activity. NuDay is a zakat-eligible organization, meaning your donations count towards your zakat obligation.
  • What happens after I start a sponsorship?
    Once you sign up for sponsorship, you will be provided with a profile sheet introducing you to your sponsored individual soon after signing up. You'll also receive an annual update where you can see firsthand what your sponsorship has accomplished so far. Our staff checks in on sponsored families frequently to ensure that your support is making the maximum impact. We'll also let you know when there are any upcoming special occasions (a graduation, holiday, or birthday!) so that you can decide if you'd like to send a little gift to celebrate. Have a specific question that you want to ask your sponsoree? Feel free to email us and we can include that in the next update!
  • Where can I sponsor a child?
    NuDay currently offers sponsorships in northwest Syria, based on great need in the region. In special instances, NuDay has facilitated sponsorships in other areas, including (but not limited to) Turkey and Lebanon. Follow us on Facebook in case you are interested in learning about these cases.
  • Can I gift a sponsorship?
    Yes! We love gifting sponsorships and spreading the joy. To gift a sponsorship, please include a note with your gift recipient's name and occasion (if any) so that we can share the life-changing gift directly to them. Give the gift of sponsorship today.
  • Where does my sponsorship contribution go?
    Your monthly sponsorship goes towards ensuring that the child has access to basic needs, and that the local community had support through a variety of initiatives. This methodology ensures that your sponsorship has the maximum impact for the long term.
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Ways to Sponsor a Child

In Syria, many young children have lost their guardians due to the war. Your gift will ensure that one child has the resources to secure an education and have their basic needs provided - all for less than $1.66 a day. You will receive an introduction to your child and get annual updates!

Consider making your gift monthly to have the greatest impact for Syria's future.

Give the gift of hope this year. Gift sponsorships are dedicated in honor of the people you love and make a lifetime of a difference for a child in Syria. Your honoree will receive information about the sponsored child and yearly updates. 

You can make a gift sponsorship as a yearly or monthly gift.

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