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Our Work

Empowered and dignified aid, sustainably. NuDay's work is focalized on rebuilding futures internationally.

Our team works locally to implement relevant and impactful programming, all while ensuring that every dollar is accounted for through reports. Learn more about our work and our solutions.

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Our Projects

Empowered aid means utilizing local knowledge. NuDay's local staff assess the needs of women and children on a regular basis, allowing NuDay to adjust our programming according to what is needed. That means that our projects are well received - and that their success is all but guaranteed. 
Since NuDay is always prioritizing self-sustainability, a thread of long-term impact runs through, whether that be through training women in new livelihoods, educating Syria's lost generation, or simply meeting the immediate need to secure survival during humanitarian crises. 

NuDay is working day and night to empower the world's most vulnerable with dignity. 

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NuDay relies on independent donors to keep our work going.


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