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Why We Work One Person at a Time, One Humanity Closer

A young girl dressed in a pink sweater with the word "SMILE" on it sits on a pink bike. The girl is smiling and holding her fingers into the peace sign.
One item NuDay sends through humanitarian containers? Bikes!

For the past six years, we have been working diligently to empower women and children in Syria through a dignified manner.

If you've been following NuDay, you likely know our founding story: that NuDay was born from one humanitarian container, which quickly resulted in a massive community committed to making a positive change. What you might not know is the immense impact that you have as a supporter of NuDay - be that through attending a container packing, running a toy drive, or donating to one of NuDay's many causes.

In 2018, we were able to reach over one million vulnerable people with much-needed humanitarian and medical supplies. You read that right: one million women, children, elderly, and people with disabilities were positively impacted by your dedication to NuDay.

And our impact only keeps growing.

NuDay has since become a formalized US non-profit organization. As a 501(c)3, NuDay is committed to being honest with our supporters. For this reason, we conduct yearly audits and publish annual reports, which can be accessed on our website at any point.

We have been recognized across a wide variety of platforms for our transparency. GuideStar has granted NuDay badges for two years straight, and in 2019, we were recognized with the platinum seal of transparency. On Great Nonprofits, NuDay was ranked as a top-nonprofit in 2018 and 2019. We've also been given badges on Global Giving for being a top-ranked and highly effective organization. We appreciate and value those honors, but do not take them for granted. Our work speaks for itself, that much we know.

Now, we are taking it a step further with this blog.

The aim of this platform is to share with you both small and big stories of our work, including formal statistics and general updates. We want to remind you about how you can (and are!) make a difference in somebody's life - and in yours as well. What really makes us the most excited about our blog is putting a face to what we do .

Volunteers in the NuDay warehouse, standing in front of a loaded container. There are 14 volunteers, all from diverse backgrounds, all dedicated to Syria. Two kids in the front hold the NuDay sign.
From the US to Syria: Volunteers pose in front of a fully loaded humanitarian container after a long day of work.

With all the hard work and formal requirements, logistics, accounting and fundraising, legalities, and even human resources work, we believe that the best way to stay connected in the midst of it all is to take a step back and listen. Listen to the stories of beneficiaries, who are living the realities everyday. Listen to the inspiration of field workers, the ones most intimately connected to the work being done and who sacrifice everything for the greater good. Listen to the stories of our supporters - people like you - who have deeply reflected on why they are involved with an organization like NuDay. It is in these moments that you can really appreciate humanitarian work as something bigger than just from the bureaucratic aspects of everyday tasks (even when, yes, that takes up a lot of the day!), but as about the individual person: the single mother, the young girl, the differently-abled boy. We want to share those stories with you all.

We want to be empowered together as volunteers, team members, donors, and, yes, beneficiaries, because we are all the same, even if we have different roles and capacities. When we do, our motto shines through even more: we work together One Person at a Time, One Humanity Closer.

A woman and man stand in front of a beige tent. The man is wearing a NuDay vest, and is holding a bag of donations for the woman. A young girl, young boy, and older man observe from a distance.
Distributions take place in camps, rural areas, and housing settlements. Together, we're reaching vulnerable people across Syria.

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