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Our Vision for Empowerment

Syrian woman and child sit on a blanket in nature and speak with one of NuDay's female field staff.
NuDay staff regularly speaks with beneficiaries to understand their needs.

The past few years have been formative for Syria’s people. Devastation has touched many through the destruction of homes and the dismantling of families. Mothers are left to fend for their families, alone, needing to relearn all they understood raising a family to be. Children are fortunate if they have the chance to attend school, instead resigned to collecting metal shards off the streets or working long hours in factories - all for little more than their daily meal. Vulnerable individuals, including the elderly and people with disabilities, are marginalized and uprooted from what they had expected their daily lives to be.

Yet despite this, Syria's people remain steadfast in their dream and basic request: to stay in their country and to contribute once again in any way possible. They want to live peacefully and productively, but most importantly people want to live in freedom and with dignity - even if that means they have to rebuild their lives in a different location. What they don't want is to get forced out of their land, to get forgotten by humanity and to see their children waste away with no intellectual stimulation and opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Syrians - displaced or not - want the same for their families as we do for ours. NuDay Syria is here to make that possible and to be the support that holds their hand while people get back up on their feet, emotionally and literally speaking.

NuDay is inspired by Syria’s people.

The parents - mostly mothers - sacrificing to make ends meet, and the children wanting to reclaim their childhood. Every child deserves to be able to play, learn, and go to sleep at night with a full tummy, but these are only dreams for many children in Syria today. NuDay is determined to change that.

NuDay supports children like Ahmad, who was required to drop out of school to work as a blacksmith at just 11 years old. No child should work in such dangerous conditions at such a young age, nor should a child have to be the sole breadwinner for their family. Yet, with no other options, that was Ahmad's situation.

When NuDay learned about Ahmad , we immediately stepped in and enabled Ahmad's family to afford sending him to school through a sponsorship of $50 a month. With this support, Ahmad's family can now meet their basic needs, meaning that Ahmad can go to school. The solution is simple, but for Ahmad, it is life changing. Now, he can finally focus on being a kid once again.

In honor of Syria's hope for a better future, NuDay is working towards ensuring that everyone has the chance to be a productive member, and where compromises of basic needs do not need to be made. Together, we are doing just that.

One Person at a Time, One Humanity Closer.

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