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Our Work

Together, we can empower women and children for the long term.

Our projects are focused on supporting immediate needs while building self reliance. Here's some of the ways you can help.

Charitable gifts that give back -
now and in the future

NuDay's portfolio of projects rely on YOU to keep them going. When you donate through NuDay, you're  provide empowering aid to vulnerable women and children. Want to amplify the good? You can select to give in honor of someone special in your life, whether that be a birthday gift, or presents for weddings, Christmas, Eid, Rosh Hashanah, or even just to say "thanks!" 

How does it help? Your charitable donation gives back by empowering vulnerable women and children around the world. We promise that the charitable gift that you give will be used within the gift's category wherever it's needed most to make the biggest impact.

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