Your support means that orphans can become

kids again. 

NuDay brings 

love and stability

to Syria's children.

How would you like to change one life, the life of an orphaned child inside Syria?


With NuDay's individualized orphan sponsorship program you are exactly able to do just that.


Orphans in NuDay's sponsorship program inside Syria rely on sponsors like you to be able to go to school, have daily meals, and regain a sense of childhood. The orphans you can sponsor live with family, relatives, or other displaced foster families. Some orphans have one surviving parent that most often is barely surviving emotionally and is unable to provide a basic standard of living for their surviving children.


Other times the surviving parent is imprisoned or has abandoned their children (for mental or unknown reasons). This is where NuDay steps in and identifies the most vulnerable orphans and add these to our orphan sponsorship program.

The Numbers

Orphan sponsorship is $50 a month.


Currently, 95% of that goes directly towards the orphan and 5% goes for coordinator supervision and documentation. Once your recurring or pre-paid sponsorship is set up, you should expect a welcome email within 48 hours that includes a profile sheet with a photo and details of the orphan you are sponsoring. It is wonderfully unique and personalized!


Every six months you will also receive an update email that includes a short video clip of your orphan; for non-Arabic speaking donors, the footage will have subtitles so you can understand what is being said.

Where We Are Located


NuDay's orphan program teams are in Northwestern Syria in the areas with the highest numbers of displaced and vulnerable children and displaced families. Our team coordinators are each responsible to check in on the orphans under their supervision and establish close relationships with the children and their families.


NuDay's focus on building a long-distance individualized sponsor-orphan relationship is to ensure that donors feel connected enough to the orphan under their care and recurring donation to see them through their childhood and help make sure they get to go to school and get their basic needs fulfilled as well.

NuDay also supports orphanages in Turkey that provide both a family and support system for abandoned refugee orphans. If you want to support orphans without actually sponsoring an orphan, any one-time donations for orphans will go for orphans like this.


Most importantly, your orphan support goes to rebuild lives and grow hope.


The Story of Islam

Individual stories are heart-breaking, but at the same time also filled with hope and the trust of a child.


This young girl Islam is one of the beautiful children in NuDay's orphan program. Islam's parents abandoned her and her brothers when she was just four years old. Her grandparents took in her brothers, but nobody wanted her.


Finally, an uncle took her in, but physically and verbally abused until he threw her out a few months later. 

Islam was found freezing and hungry by a poor, married couple, themselves also displaced and sadly unable to get children of their own, they opened their hearts and took her into their home (a worn down tent).

NuDay found out about Islam when this couple moved to one of the areas where our orphan sponsorship program is set up.


Islam is now loved and thriving. 


She adores her foster mother and has started to sing and smile again. 


With the orphan sponsorship program, Islam gets her needs for food, school, and safe shelter filled.

She loves the extra love she gets from her donors here in the US: they have provided her not just with daily meals, but even more so and the ability to be a child again.


The sponsorship gives her and her new parents hope and a vision for her future.

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If you would like to donate via cash or check, please send your gift to P.O. Box 4521, Windham, NH 03087.

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