Orphan Empowerment

Rebuilding opportunities in the wake of loss is transformative in crisis situations. Orphan Empowerment includes supporting orphans through orphan sponsorships that rebuild normalcy and support young children who have lost a guardian, empowering youth for the future.

Celebrating childhood together

 NuDay hosts holiday celebrations for vulnerable and displaced kids in Syria!

How YOU can change a future

Learn how orphan sponsorship works and how you can change a life today!

A second chance for Qamar

Qamar lost her guardian to the Syrian war. Orphan sponsorship has given her another chance at life.

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Orphan Sponsorship

Changes Lives

Learn about the process of orphan sponsorship and how your sponsorship makes an impact!

Locating Orphans

NuDay's on-the-ground staff continuously monitor the situation on the ground, taking note of new households in the region. When a family relocates, our staff conducts visits to their home and learn about their situation. If an orphan be included in the household and the family qualifies as vulnerable, NuDay conducts further assessments to confirm if we should include the family in our Orphan Sponsorship program. Sponsorships ensure that families are not burdened by the orphan, heightening the likelihood of the family's continued support of the orphan.

If an orphan qualifies for the program, our staff visits the orphan and completes an intake form. This form includes questions for the guardian and child, assessing the child's mental and physical health, access to education, and personality. Our team then compiles this into an Orphan Profile.

Changing Futures through Sponsorship

When a supporter - like you! - starts a sponsorship, our team matches up the orphan to you immediately. Sponsors receive an orphan profile three days of starting their sponsorship, introducing them to their orphan. Every month, the sponsorship is distributed to the orphan's guardian. During these visits, NuDay's staff ensures that the orphan is able to attend school and has their basic needs (like food and clothing!) met. 

Every year, you will receive an update about your orphan, letting you know about your orphan's progress in school, health, and family. Video updates are sometimes also available, depending on the family's situation. NuDay makes every effort to provide updates regularly, but at times, there may be delays.

When you sponsor through NuDay, you are changing the life of a young child, ensuring that they can finally focus on being kids and heal as they rebuild their futures. What are you waiting for?

Why We Don't Publicly List Orphans

NuDay's decision to not list orphans needing sponsorship on our website is a conscious one. As an organization committed to dignified aid and empowerment, we avoid depicting beneficiaries as "people in need" - and the same goes for our orphans. We believe that everyone should have the right to dignity, and know that supporters like you agree to that. Sponsors receive detailed information on their orphan and sometimes have the chance to video chat. The aim of NuDay's sponsorship is simple: love - not pity - should win!

At times, we do include detailed information on children through other fundraising platforms, but this is only when explicit permission is provided from the legal guardian and child.

Ready to change a life? Act now!

Ways to Give to Orphan Empowerment

In Syria, many young children have lost their guardians due to the war. Your gift will ensure that one orphan has the resources to secure an education and have their basic needs provided - all for less than $1.66 a day. You will receive an introduction to your orphan and get annual updates!

Consider making your gift monthly to have the greatest impact for Syria's future.

Give the gift of hope this year. Gift sponsorships are dedicated in honor of the people you love and make a lifetime of a difference for a young child in Syria. Your honoree will receive information about the sponsored child and yearly updates. 

You can make a gift sponsorship as a yearly or monthly gift.

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