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United for Humanity.

For the last ten years, NuDay has been supporting vulnerable populations through our monthly shipments of containers from the US abroad.
 Women and children receive much-needed relief from these distributions and are reminded that yes, we care.

Volunteer Opportunities

For information on volunteer opportunities, please follow NuDay on Facebook and on Instagram, where we regularly update volunteer opportunities! Volunteering takes place at NuDay's NH Warehouse at 8 Tinkham Avenue, Unit E, Derry, NH. No preregistration required - just show up!

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Needed Items

NuDay's containers support displaced and vulnerable families experiencing humanitarian crises. Many of these families have minimal basic belongings, and with your support, NuDay is working to secure their most human needs to lead dignified and empowered lives.

The following items are in constant high demand:

  • Baby Milk

  • Bedding

  • Household furniture and supplies

  • Non-perishable food (rice, lentils, beans)

  • New clothing with tags (used clothing not accepted)

  • New Shoes

  • Winter apparel 

  • Camping gear

  • Diapers

  • Hygiene items

  • School supplies

  • Games & toys

  • Stuffed animals

  • Bikes & scooters

  • Sports equipment

  • Crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs

  • Medical supplies

  • Building equipment and tools


Pre-sorting donations into labelled boxes or white, heavy duty plastic bags is much appreciated. Please mark bags and boxes with the donation items - for example, "women's coats."

NuDay recommends a donation of $15 per bag to ensure that we can continue shipping containers efficiently and get aid where it is needed most.

For an acknowledgment of your in kind donation, click here​.

Dontion Collecton Points
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Located outside of New England and want to get involved?

Opportunities to help include crowdfunding funds for a container. If you are part of a group that has a substantial amount of in-kind items, NuDay occassionally organizes containers for out-of-state groups. Reach out and let us know!

Interested in partnering with NuDay? 

Partner organizations support NuDay's work through in-kind donations. Donated items must be like new, and NuDay also accepts medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. If your organization is interested in giving to NuDay, email us at

Ways to Give to Containers

Organize a donation drive or give donations of your own. NuDay is always in need of in-kind items. All in-kind donations are tax deductible.

For those located outside of New England, opportunities to help include crowdfunding funds for a container or organizing a container locally depending on the amount of items donated.

Join NuDay at our Derry, NH warehouse for a Container Day!


You'll get to help sort donations, packing them into boxes, or loading the container, all while surrounded by an awesome community and sharing a delicious meal. 

Each container costs approximately $7,500 to pack and ship from our warehouses to the people who receive the aid. 

Consider making your gift monthly to show your support! 

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