Meet the Founder

After two decades of being a mom, Nadia broadened her scope to mothers and children in Syria. Even before she met anyone directly affected by the crisis, Nadia engaged with the local US community - and her passion only grew when she traveled to Turkey and met mothers who had no support. 

Watch how Nadia engaged her local community to empower the world's most vulnerable through NuDay. 

There was no significant personal experience that triggered Nadia to begin NuDay. No life-altering realization. Instead, Nadia's identity as a woman and a mother led her to understand the harsh realities of Syria's most vulnerable: the women and children who so often are left behind. 

Nadia Alawa founded NuDay as a natural extension of her efforts to build bridges, save lives, and inspire hope. She believes in the power of local community, especially when it comes to sustainable and empowering humanitarian work. This belief pushed Nadia to established a small core team from her New Hampshire home - a handful of people from New England and contacts inside Syria - and eventually created NuDay.

NuDay's mission is simple: to empower the millions of people experiencing humanitarian crises through dignified aid. Accomplishing this goal is no small feat, and NuDay's impact spans a wide range of projects. From schools for the children left behind, to wells for people living without access to clean water; medical support for the hospitals that have seen countless attacks to the local job creation for women via self-sustainable business - NuDay does it all.

Even more radically, NuDay has accomplished this work while remaining fully transparent, proving where every cent goes and showing the work that we accomplish.

Since its founding, NuDay has secured dignified and empowered aid for 
millions of people worldwide.

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