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Mushrooms are an easy and quick (2)-min.

Mushroom Farming for Secure Futures

Food access is unreliable in northwest Syria. 

With limited incomes and inflated grocery prices, displaced families overwhelmingly rely on donated food baskets to support their families. Addressing both needs, NuDay began its mushroom farming program in 2019. Selected participants attend a month-long training with a local agricultural partner, and are provided with mushroom kits upon graduating. Mushrooms are a quick and easy source of nutrition and can be sold to secure local incomes.


Through this initiative, NuDay is empowering families in the long term.

Empowering Breadwinners through Mushroom Farming:
Mariam's Story
The stress of becoming breadwinner

Since the Syrian crisis began, Mariam has been displaced five times, moving her six young children and elderly mother from makeshift tent to home on a regular basis. Her husband passed away three years ago, leaving Mariam responsible for her family unit. In the climate of the crisis, this was difficult for Mariam, who internalized much of the stress and regularly felt hopeless about the situation. Though she picked up odd jobs here and there, Mariam's limited education and the current limited opportunities barred her from a sustainable income source.

Training for economic independence

When NuDay found Mariam, she was actively looking for ways to support her family. She immediately confirmed her interest in attending a mushroom farming training designed by NuDay and our local agricultural partner. While her mother babysat, Mariam attended the training, actively participating and soaking in the knowledge. Upon successful completion, she was provided with a mushroom farming kit: a guidebook, mushroom spores, and farming materials to set up in her home. NuDay staff regularly check in on her to support her success. 

DSC01198 (1)-min.JPG
From farm to table

Just a few weeks after the training, Mariam was regularly yielding mushrooms to feed her family - and then some. She has since begun to sell the mushrooms to her neighbors. Demand has boomed, and to meet it, she is training her mother and children to keep the business growing.


Most importantly, Mariam finally feels secure: for the first time in years, she has been empowered with stability.

Mushrooms are an easy and quick (3)-min.
Ways to Give to Mushroom Farming

In Syria, many hardworking and dedicated parents lack the resources and opportunities to improve their children's lives. Your gift will equip people with a mushroom farming toolkit to empower their own futures and build the next generation. 

Consider making your gift monthly to have the greatest impact for Syria's future.

Participating in a mushroom farming training is life-changing for many. Trainings empower beneficiaries to take charge of their lives through a stable and sustainable method.


Your support of a trainee will secure a dignified and empowered way of providing for a family.

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