Medical Relief

We bring medical relief to those without access


NuDay Syria’s health clinics and laboratory facilities within Syria serve women and children in all aspects. We offer mobile clinics in Northern Syria, as well as dental clinics and birthing centers, providing the crucial possibility for mothers to deliver under supervised, medical care.


In our work, we regularly come across especially heart-breaking or urgent medical cases that we are able to target and provide optimal medical care and relief. On-the-ground staff are familiar with local needs, allowing NuDay to cater for medical needs.


A wide scope of medical services is provided by NuDay’s health facilities, such as antenatal care, cardiology, dentistry, laboratory, neonatal, OB/GYN, orthopaedics, pediatrics, and urology, amongst other services, all of which have an immense impact on the lives of beneficiaries who may otherwise have no access to health services.  Health facilities are not just places of healing, but of building futures as well. Certified medical staff at NuDay’s training hospitals regularly train students, building staff capacity and securing the livelihoods even amidst unsure circumstances.

NuDay is working towards a healthy future: one where health care is accessible for everyone.



Eman lost her leg and both her brother and father in a recent shelling in the area, leaving her mother alone with her and her younger siblings.

NuDay staff jumped into action, moving Eman and her mother closer to extended family and guaranteeing that Eman received the medical attention needed. 

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