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Medical Relief

Empowering local communities means securing health access and medical services. NuDay works with local partner clinics to assess and meet medical needs, be that through pharmaceutical and medical equipment distributions or supporting individual cases.

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Empowering communities

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, NuDay piloted education workshops and trainings focused on stopping the spread.

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The gift of health

When Khalid needed surgery, NuDay was there every step of the way. 

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Treating rare diseases

For those surviving a humanitarian crisis with a rare disease, life-saving medication can be hard to come by. NuDay is meeting the gap.

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Medical Give
Ways to Give to Medical Relief

NuDay ships containers of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to mee thte need in Syria. Each container costs $6,500 to ship. 


Consider making your gift monthly to show your support! 

NuDay has a medical relief fund that is in high need of ongoing support to ensure the most dire cases can get the support needed. Your donation will go towards the next medical emergency.

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