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One Month. 60,384 Lives Empowered. 

This past May, you helped NuDay reach aid to Syria's most vulnerable. In a time as uncertain as today, you are bringing hope to Syria. Read more about how we empowered and aided with dignity!

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37,500 people received baskets filled with food staples and hygiene items.

Responding to the high numbers of displaced women and children, we jumped into action to provide  displaced families the basic items needed to stay safe and healthy. Together, we reached 37,500 women and children!

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You sponsored 434 orphans in May, meaning that they will have access to basic needs and education where possible!
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19,600 nutritious and yummy meals shared!

You invited thousands of vulnerable Syrians to dinner, sharing delicious meals from across the world. Love is shown through food - we couldn't say it any better ourselves!

2,850 children were able to celebrate their holiday, thanks to you!
Here are three ways you keep the momentum going!

Because there's no time like now.

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3 Ways to Help

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