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Access to an income is transformative for communities, securing incomes and serving as a source of psychosocial healing. NuDay actively works to create livelihood opportunities through local employment and innovative trainings that build new sources of income while meeting humanitarian needs on the ground.

Mushrooms are an easy and quick (4)-min

To meet emergency needs, locally displaced people like Ahmed are hired to sew sleeping bags and distribute them on the ground.

Mushrooms are an easy and quick (6)-min.

Mariam, mother of six, now has renewed hope after NuDay's mushroom training empowered her to earn her own income.

Mushrooms are an easy and quick (9)-min.
Psychosocial healing to empower lives

The Women's Center for Development & Empowerment helps women like Aya and Aisha heal, while rebuilding livelihoods.

Healing & Building - Together

NuDay's livelihood activities aim to build local capacity both by equipping people with the skills needed to earn an income and by bringing community members together to heal as one. 


Through this strategy, NuDay's livelihood program has a far reach. In 2019, NuDay improved the livelihoods of 61,570 individuals.

Livelihood Give
Ways to Give to Livelihood

In Syria, many hardworking and dedicated parents lack the resources and opportunities to improve their children's lives. Your gift will equip people with a mushroom farming toolkit to empower their own futures and build the next generation. 

Consider making your gift monthly to have the greatest impact for Syria's future.

Sewing machines are used in NuDay's Women's Center to train women in sewing, as well as during open crafting hours, when participants can create on their own. Your support with one machine will empower women to continue their work and support themselves.

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