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The Gift of Health:
Khalid's Story

Health access isn't an option.

Three-year-old Khalid is like most kids his age: he loves to play with his toy cars, has a fun playgroup of friends, and prizes cuddle time with his parents. But unlike most kids his age, Khalid has been living with a health issue for his whole life.

Khalid was born with vesicoureteral reflux (VUR), a condition that prevents him from fully releasing urine. Instead, urine travels upwards into the ureter and kidneys, potentially causing kidney infections. VUR is no joke - especially for a young child who has only ever known a life of displacement. After two years of unresponsive treatments, Khalid was determined to be a candidate for surgery to ensure he could live a healthy and normal life.

Long-needed relief

With no steady income, Khalid's family was worried that they would not have the funds to support his surgery. Luckily, Khalid's parents came in contact with NuDay and shared his story. NuDay lept into action, and with support from donors, was able to raise the funds to provide secure Khalid's hospital expenses. Going a step further, NuDay set up a sponsorship for Khalid, securing his education and basic needs for the forseeable future.

Now, Khalid is like any other child. He is in significantly less pain, and his mother is at ease knowing that her son's condition has been resolved.


NuDay's position as a local organization ensures that we hear about the most obscure cases, and are able to assist families with ensuring that they have medical access. Health is a basic right - and NuDay is working to make sure that even the most vulnerable people can get the help they need.

Give to Medical
Ways to Give to Medical Relief

NuDay ships containers of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to mee thte need in Syria. Each container costs $6,500 to ship. 


Consider making your gift monthly to show your support! 

NuDay has a medical relief fund that is in high need of ongoing support to ensure the most dire cases can get the support needed. Your donation will go towards the next medical emergency.

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