Other Ways to Give

NuDay accepts wire transfers, checks, stock donations, and endowments.


Checks should be made out to NuDay. 

Checks can be mailed to NuDay at the following address:

P.O. Box 4521

Windham, NH USA 03087

Wire Transfer

NuDay accepts wire transfers. Information is as follows:

Routing Number: 121000248

Account Number: 8393950780

Swift Code (Domestic): WFBIUS6S

Swift Code (International): WFBIUS6WFFX

Bank Name: Wells Fargo, N.A.

Bank Address: 420 Montgomery San Francisco, CA 94104

Mobile Giving

NuDay accepts Zelle donations. To transfer money over Zelle, please send the donation to:

(603) 819-8311.

It's never too early to think about giving!


If you would like to gift NuDay a donation in stocks or bestow an endowment, please reach out to NuDay's Donation Manager

at donorservices@nudaysyria.org or by calling NuDay at (857) 244-1695. 

Stocks & Endowments

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