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NuDay Syria is building bridges so every Syrian child has access to an education

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Syria’s children are the lifeblood of their country. Ensuring they have futures as bright as they are remains at the heart of NuDay’s mission.  


NuDay's Future Generation Initiative does just this. With five schools across the country, NuDay secures access to schooling for children in besieged and liberated areas.


Future Generation Schools are pedagogically focused on the whole child, to normalize one aspect of their lives, despite the turmoil that the face.  Academics is just one aspect of the Future Generation Initiative: schools offer sports, art activities, and health education, along with personalized psycho-social support.

Students love NuDay's Future Generation Schools, hailing them as social hubs. They are spaces where children can be just that - children.

The institutions are just as beloved for adults. Trained teachers continue their life passions, while sustainably earning an income, meaning that local economy is reignited. Parents are put at ease that their children are in school, allowing them to think about their own futures. 


When school is not in session, school buildings take on a whole new life through Kid Friendly Zones. Families and friends come together to celebrate their community, taking part in various activities, carnival rides, and sharing a meal.


The Future Generation Initiative is not just building a child - it is building a close-knit community of happiness.



What do you know

about education?

Education is not only a way to end up with good jobs and an educated mind: it is a way to foster hope and enthusiasm for the future.

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