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Why Empower?

For those living through a humanitarian crisis, empowered aid can rebuild futures. NuDay is reinventing humanitarian aid.

11.7 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance.

That's over half the pre-crisis population. Syria has become a humanitarian catastrophe - and that's just one country. Many families have been torn apart, leaving mothers responsible for their - and sometimes, a stranger's - children. Women are overwhelmed with psychological trauma, stressed over their situations, and have little access to the basic needs they and their families require. 


With no ways to earn an income, families are increasingly turning to child labor to earn enough money for the day's meal. Over 5 million children have no access to education and have lost their childhoods. Aid in Syria has quickly become the main source of support, building an unstable Syria where fleeting services meet the assistance required on an irregular basis.


Empowered aid means sustainable income, access to basic needs, improved health, and community infrastructure.  

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How is NuDay empowering the world?

NuDay field staff work locally to identify needs and devise sustainable solutions that carry the greatest impact in northwest Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and other areas where we work. This might result in something as simple as a sleeping-bag project that employs locals to sew and distribute much-needed winter items, or as complex as the investment in a community through constructing concrete homes for displaced women and children, complete with a school, community center, playground, running water, and farming project.
With every project NuDay undertakes, we are working to empower women and children to regain their lives and rebuild their futures once again.

Here are three ways you can help.

Because there's no time like now.

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3 Ways to Help

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