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Nadia Alawa
Founder and CEO

Nadia has long engaged with humanitarian rights, even before starting NuDay. As a young girl in Denmark, she went door to door collecting donations to support victims of the Bosnian genocide. When the Syrian crisis began, the mother of eight decided she could not stand idly by for Syria's women and children. In 2013, Nadia founded NuDay. Learn more about Nadia's story here.

Sonia Nousheen

Inspired by NuDay's awareness that an individual can make a world of a difference, Alison McKellar first became involved with NuDay as a volunteer for NuDay's containers. This quickly expanded to her joining NuDay's board, which she now heads as chairwoman. McKellar teaches at the Watershed High School in Rockland, Maine, and has a long history with Partners of the Americas, where she is currently serving as Vice Chair of the International Board of Directors. Alongside organizing humanitarian containers for NuDay in Maine, McKellar coordinates a microcredit lending project in El Salvador that is supported through a sister relationship with the local Catholic church. 

Huda Alawa
Development Director

 Sarah Loy holds a Bachelors and Masters in Plant Science from the University of New Hampshire. Her volunteer work over the years ranges from being a Girl Scouts troop leader, assisting families experiencing homelessness through Seacoast Family Promise, supporting the reuse and repurposing of clothing and other household items through a church rummage ministry, and acting as co-coordinator for the Greatbay Group Workcamp, which brought together 400 youth and mentors to repair 60 homes in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire. Loy is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.  

Aiman Alawa

Aiman Alawa, PhD, is a founding member of NuDay. Alawa has a Ph.D. in engineering and is the founder of NuWatt Energy, a leading turnkey installer of solar energy systems in the Northeast. Following his Ph.D., he served his post-doctorate at Clarkson University, where he focused on structural engineering, seismic engineering, steel optimization, and composites. Alawa is the founder and retired board member of the Syrian American Engineers Association. Within NuDay, Alawa supports technical and logistical issues and serves as the treasurer. Alawa is the husband of Nadia Alawa. 

Patricia O'Brien
Member at Large

Patricia O’Brien has been involved with NuDay since its founding. She participated in some of the earliest days of collection for items shipped to Syria and continues her hands-on work by collecting and storing items in her home and loading containers in NuDay's warehouse. Prior to her work with NuDay, O’Brien played an active role in a number of non-profit organizations and is a member of her Town Meeting in Burlington. O'Brien currently works as an administrative coordinator at Harvard University. She is happily married and lives with him and their three children in Burlington, Massachusetts. 

Afif Abdur-Rahman
Member at Large
A. David Lewis
Member at Large

A. David Lewis, PhD, is a college educator and national lecturer. After an undergraduate degree at Brandeis University, his doctorate in Religious Studies comes from Boston University and masters degree in literary theory from Georgetown University. He edits and writes academic works including DIGITAL DEATH: MORTALITY AND BEYOND IN THE ONLINE AGE and AMERICAN COMICS, LITERARY THEORY, AND RELIGION: THE SUPERHERO AFTERLIFE, as well as graphic novels such as KISMET, MAN OF FATE. Lewis is the President of the nonprofit CYRIC and a founder of Sacred and Sequential. He currently lives in Arlington and works in Healthcare Humanities, Narrative Medicine, and Graphic Medicine.

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