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Family Entrepreneurs

Creating opportunities empowers displaced families and builds futures. NuDay's livelihood projects both support immediate employment and build entrepreneurial opportunities. Join us in funding a family's path to success.

Celebrating childhood together

12 year old Mohammad wants to start a chicken farm to make sure he, his siblings, and his cousins have safe futures. 

How YOU can change a future

Learn how orphan sponsorship works and how you can change a life today!

A second chance for Qamar

Qamar lost her guardian to the Syrian war. Orphan sponsorship has given her another chance at life.

how orphan sponsorship
Build a Chicken Farm with Mohammad!

Mohammad has only known life in displacement. At twelve years old, he now lives in a small home with his mother, siblings, cousins, and aunt. His father died in the Syrian conflict and his uncle has been detained for his participation.

Mohammad and his family dream of building a chicken farm to produce eggs to sell and to eat, ensuring that they have futures once again. 

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Orphans Give
Ways to Give to Orphan Empowerment

In Syria, many young children have lost their guardians due to the war. Your gift will ensure that one orphan has the resources to secure an education and have their basic needs provided - all for less than $1.66 a day. You will receive an introduction to your orphan and get annual updates!

Consider making your gift monthly to have the greatest impact for Syria's future.

Give the gift of hope this year. Gift sponsorships are dedicated in honor of the people you love and make a lifetime of a difference for a young child in Syria. Your honoree will receive information about the sponsored child and yearly updates. 

You can make a gift sponsorship as a yearly or monthly gift.

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