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Container Aid

with Dignity

Containers of Love and Hope.


NuDay has been shipping containers from the United States into Syria the early stages of NuDay's founding. Containers are filled with a wide array of items, such as clothing, household items, hygiene items, medical equipment, and other supplies that are evaluated as a necessity. 

NuDay works through our local field partners to get aid where it is most needed. Containers are shipped in full compliance with US export policies.

Read on to learn more about how NuDay ships containers, and what happens once they arrive in Syria.

Uniting for humanity

NuDay operates out of its New Hampshire warehouse. Located in Derry, New Hampshire, the warehouse stores all donations that are collected from the various donation points on a regular basis. NuDay's warehouse staff support the operation of the warehouse and prepare donations for container shipment.

Once a donation has been delivered to NuDay's warehouse, the donation is allocated to one of two storage spaces: pre-sorted or eclectic. Eclectic donations are donations that need to be properly packed prior to container loading. Pre-sorted donations are items that have been packaged and labeled in accordance with NuDay guidelines and are ready for container loading.

NuDay loads containers on a semi-regular basis as part of its Container Days programming. Container Days are open to volunteers. NuDay prides itself on the NuDay family we have established across New England. With a volunteer base of over 2,500 people, NuDay supporters come from a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences, yet are united in a common belief of humanity. There is nothing more impactful for us than knowing that we are unified for Syria.

During Container Days, volunteers help sort eclectic donations and load pre-sorted donations onto containers. Each container is a 40-foot vessel, and NuDay is careful to pack it to the brim while maintaining the integrity of more delicate furniture items. This means everything arrives in Syria like new and in a ready to use state. 

Dignified distributions

Containers are shipped via ocean freight to Syria, by way of Turkey. Upon arrival, NuDay's field staff take inventory, which is cross-checked with the packing lists to ensure accuracy. Items are then unloaded into one of NuDay's local warehouses, where they are sorted based on category and prepared for distribution. 

Humanitarian items are distributed soon after arrival, due to extensive local need. NuDay has established a market-style distribution, inviting pre-selected beneficiaries to "shop" for free. This method means that beneficiaries can choose items that will be useful to them, rather than risking wasted clothing due to size differences, or redundant items. NuDay's model was created with its mission of dignified and empowering aid. By inviting beneficiaries to select the items they would like, they are positioned as powerful actors, rather than passive recipients. 

A gift of love & hope

Humanitarian items sent via NuDay's containers also include medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. These go to NuDay's countless medical partners immediately upon arrival. In the past, NuDay has shipped ambulances, x-rays, and life-saving medical treatments for rare diseases. 

Certain other items might be used for NuDay's other projects. This includes books and school supplies for NuDay's educational programming, support for our livelihood initiatives via sending yarn, sewing machines, and crafting supplies, or even sending a gift to a sponsored orphan via the containers.


The resonating message is clear: displaced Syrians are in our hearts, as we send them love and hope from around the world to Syria.

Ways to Give to Containers

Organize a donation drive or give donations of your own. NuDay is always in need of in-kind items. All in-kind donations are tax deductible.

For those located outside of New England, opportunities to help include crowdfunding funds for a container or organizing a container locally depending on the amount of items donated.

Join NuDay at our Derry, NH warehouse for a Container Day!

You'll be get to help sort donations, packing them into boxes, or loading the container, all while surrounded by an awesome community and sharing a delicious meal. 

Each container costs $6,500 to pack and ship from our New Hampshire and Maine warehouses to Syria. Your support goes towards packing supplies, trucking costs, and a volunteer meal that is provided at each Container Day.


Consider making your gift monthly to show your support! 

Located outside of New England and want to get involved?

Opportunities to help include crowdfunding funds for a container. If you are part of a group that has a substantial amount of in-kind items, NuDay occassionally organizes containers for out-of-state groups. Reach out and let us know!

Interested in partnering with NuDay? 

Partner organizations support NuDay's work through in-kind donations. Donated items must be like new, and NuDay also accepts medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. If your organization is interested in giving to NuDay, email us at

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