Milk keeps babies growing and happy.

For babies and their mothers in Syria, baby milk changes everything.

Half of those in need of our help are children and babies.

Those are thousands of babies that desperately need milk in order to thrive and grow. Because their mothers are struggling to put food on the table, they are unable to produce milk.

Five cans of milk is all it takes to feed one infant for a whole month. That's where we come in. 

We ensure that our team on the ground in Syria can provide infants with baby milk - particularly in areas under siege and isolated locations. In addition to purchasing baby milk cans locally, we also run livestock projects with cows and goats. By providing families with animals that make milk and cheese, we're giving them the ability to purchase milk for their babies.


We don’t just feed babies. We make sure that families and communities find their footing and gain independence.


That's something the world can get behind. 



Without access to proper nutrition, Syria's infants are facing high rates of malnourishment.


We can change that.


Be part of a global community refusing to stand by and witness this hunger crisis.


With so little needed to make sure a starving baby can eat and grow, what's holding you back?

Here are three ways you can help.

The craziest thing we can do is nothing.


Give $30 and change a baby's life.


Pledge your next birthday for baby milk.


Make a real impact with your time.