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We're proud to introduce you to Syria's Future Generation. Today, you can be the difference for a future of hope and love.

Impactful aid that empowers.

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Meeting Immediate Needs
Dignified aid means ensuring basic needs are met quickly and efficiently through emergency response efforts.
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Proving Impact
NuDay is 100% transparent. We release a yearly report detailing our impact and complete audits regularly. 
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Prioritizing Sustainability
Sustainable aid means focusing on building long-term infrastructure and livelihood projects. 

Humanitarian aid is meant to be empowering. Not victimizing.

NuDay believes this at our core. It's the reason we have been working diligently to provide empowering and dignified humanitarian aid. We don't believe that people experiencing humanitarian crises are victims - and we will never show any individual in an undignified and victimizing light. We believe that humanitarian aid should be empowering and dignified. 



In February, multiple high magnitude earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, resulting in over 50,000 deaths so far. NuDay is helping to respond with emergency aid. We need your help to reach vulnerable women and children with life-saving support for now and the future.

Give with Confidence

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NuDay has achieved positive ranking from a wide array of platforms. NuDay is ranked a Four Star Charity by Charity Navigator; holds the Platinum Seal for Transparency from GuideStar (since 2018); Top Rated Organization, a Vetted Organization, and an Effective Organization from Global Giving (since 2018); Top Rated at Great Nonprofits (since 2018); and recognition by Zakatify for being a global charitable organization. NuDay is also a member of InterAction.

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Stories from the Field

Watch how NuDay's projects change lives

Focusing on empowerment means meeting immediate need and building for the long term.
Watch how NuDay does it!

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