The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan have left hundreds of thousands of family vulnerable to extremist groups. The futures of young women - girls - are threatened.

NuDay is working to support Afghan families through facilitating humanitarian application fees and assisting with resettlement. We have secured pro bono legal support for many families, and are working now to compile applications for submission. Each application costs $525 per person. Help us make an impact for refugees today.

Stories from the Field

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Focusing on empowerment means meeting immediate need and building for the long term.
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Humanitarian aid is meant to be empowering. Not victimizing.

NuDay believes this at our core. It's the reason we have been working diligently to revolutionize humanitarian aid. We don't believe that people experiencing humanitarian crises are victims - and we will never show any individual in an undignified and victimizing light. We believe that humanitarian aid should be empowering and dignified. Here's how we're doing it.

Meeting Immediate Needs
Dignified aid means ensuring basic needs are met quickly and efficiently through emergency response efforts.
Proving Impact
NuDay is 100% transparent. We release a yearly report detailing our impact and complete audits regularly. 
Prioritizing Sustainability
Sustainable aid means focusing on building long-term infrastructure and livelihood projects. 

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